1889.01.13 Lost Child Found

As found in the January 14th 1889 Humboldt Daily Standard.

“About 2 o’clock yesterday afternoon Captain Hansen’s little three-year-old daughter wandered away from its home, at the corner of F and Ninth streets, presumably to go and see some of its friends, but it must have got lost soon after leaving the house, for its mother was not long in missing the child and a search immediately commenced. The mother’s fears were deeply aroused when the only trace of the lost one was the fact that she had been seen in the vicinity of Carson’s mill and it was not until 8:30 in the evening that anything more was heard from her, at which time she was returned to her home by Mrs. Borg, who had found the infant on B street going toward California street. It is not known how far the little thing wandered while trudging around the streets, but it is certain that the mother was overjoyed by receiving her child again.”


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