This is our time and place. This is Lost Eureka.

In 1873, the Western Union Telegraph reached Eureka, California. What information was relayed over the wires?

In 1879, the Vance Hotel installed electric lights. What were they working on late into the night and what else did they electrify?

In 1882 John Dolbeer invented the “Steam Donkey” reportedly to make timber harvest more efficient. What other inventions became steam powered?

In 1885 Rick’s Water Company installed the first water system. What other liquids flowed through pipes in the homes of the fortunate?

In 1886, a weather observation station was constructed atop the Buhne Building at 2nd and G Streets. Was it to assist in navigation of hot air balloons, dirigibles and zeppelins?

In 1887, the first street rail car system was pulled by horses. What other animals might have pulled those street cars?

In 1889, the Humboldt County Courthouse was completed with statues of Roman goddesses looking down. What might these goddesses have seen as they surveyed the city of Eureka, California?

Our proposition is this: While photography did exist in this time, it was not widely used. While people wrote observations down, not everything has survived. What if there’s more to the story of Eureka than we previously thought?

What if the reason that the distinct species of Humboldt’s flying squirrel (Glaucomys oregonensis) exists in this locale not because of random chance, but rather due to selective breeding and training to improve the foraging skills of this exclusively nocturnal mammal?

What if a pneumatic tube system ran below ground within the tunnels from the Carson Mansion to the Courthouse and the City Hall?

What if sea monsters lurked in Humboldt Bay?

What if it is all true, but completely unprovable?

What if all we have are remnants from a small artist collective formed near the turn of the century which correspond to a cryptic book of days?

By 1899, when the first automobile reportedly drove into Eureka, California would the inhabitants of this town have marveled at the contraption or would they have seen it as a simple invention not quite on par with so many of their own?

If you want to get lost in this Eureka, then continue on…

Give yourself permission to get lost.

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