Found Book of Days

You have found a list of stories from every day in 1889. Each day in 2019 another corresponding day’s story is revealed followed by links to articles from local newspapers of 1889 and images which illuminate the story. Read more by selecting RECALL and then return to FOUND to read this Book of Days from Lost Eureka.


Monday February 18th 1889: Making his way to the front of the crowd, the young sorcerer rushes through the door of the Vance house at precisely 7 p.m. to find one particular spellbook hidden among thousands of volumes on the shelves.

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Sunday February 17th 1889: Late in the evening, she entrusts the skeleton key to Mr. Huestis who will claim he found it in front of the post office. Once her beloved can tell the keymaster of the lock it belongs to, he will gain entry.

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