2020.01.01 New Year’s Day in Lost Eureka

What I love about the Lost Eureka story from January 1st 1889 is the exemplary mystery and humor which pervades the entire Book of Days. Here is the story:

Tuesday January 1st 1889: The Captain pops corn in celebration of the Solar Eclipse path of totality passing over her ship off the coast of Northern California.

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Our Fabulists and Researchers found the delightful newspaper clipping (from December 21st 1888) which admonishes readers to smoke their glasses to provide protection when looking toward the sun. The newspaper writers couldn’t help adding a little joke (which happens often in the papers of the day) about not taking “too many glasses or the eclipse may appear double.” I wonder what they might have been drinking in those glasses?

The author of the Lost Eureka Book of Days however has food rather than drink on the mind. Can you imagine the Captain popping corn on her ship somewhere down the coast, longing to return to Lost Eureka?

And did you catch that the Captain is referred to as her?

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Published by Solomon Everta

The Fabulous Fabulist