2020.01.01 New Year’s Day in Lost Eureka

What I love about the Lost Eureka story from January 1st 1889 is the exemplary mystery and humor which pervades the entire Book of Days. Here is the story: Tuesday January 1st 1889: The Captain pops corn in celebration of the Solar Eclipse path of totality passing over her ship off the coast of Northern California.Continue reading “2020.01.01 New Year’s Day in Lost Eureka”

2020.12.17 Lost Eureka’s First Story (so far)

On December 17th in 1888 Dr. Bailey attended to young Alfred Melvin down near Elk River. Read the Story in the Lost Eureka Book of Days here. In this first story from the Lost Eureka Book of Days the magical mixes with the dangerous, setting the tone for this series of stories the Fabulists ofContinue reading “2020.12.17 Lost Eureka’s First Story (so far)”

2020.11.26 Thoughts on Turkeys in Lost Eureka

The Fabulists, Artists, and Researchers of Lost Eureka wish you the warmest of Thanksgivings and offer this story from the newspapers of our city from the year 1889. There are a lot of “turkeys” involved in Lost Eureka. Read the clipping here. Gobble! Gobble! We need your help to continue our research and artwork. IfContinue reading “2020.11.26 Thoughts on Turkeys in Lost Eureka”


Saturday December 22nd 1888: Appeased with one child’s life the unseen creature swims round the schooner Mendocino one last time before slinking back to its lair at the bottom of Humboldt bay. Read more here. Support Lost Eureka by purchasing some authentic replicas at our Ink People page here.