2020.11.14 Website Update

2021 is going to be amazing in Lost Eureka! We’ve updated the website and are making many more ways to explore the fabulous world we’ve found.

To keep the Lost Eureka website up and running we need to have $420 of sales. If you can take care of that for us this year we’ll give you $440 worth of art by our resident artist Liz Valasco. You’ll support the Fabulists, the Artist, and the Ink People Center for the Arts. Here’s what you get:

Two January Postcard 5 Packs
Two February Postcard 5 Packs
Two 1889.03.17 5 Postcard 5 Packs
Two 1889.03.29 5 Postcard 5 Packs
Eight Greeting Card 3 Packs (24 cards!)
Your Choice 5 framed 8 by 10 artwork
Your Choice 1 framed 12 by 12 artwork

If you just want to send us a donation of any amount that works, too.

Email fox@losteureka.com for more information.

Published by Solomon Everta

The Fabulous Fabulist