Thursday April 11th 1889: The fairies dance high in the sky, creating a perfect circle for all to see and follow as instruction.

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Wednesday April 10th 1889: She instructs Mr. Huestis to leave the driving glove in the steamer room that it might be more easily found by her beloved who will leave his horseshoe pin for her to claim.

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Tuesday April 9th 1889: The hawk surreptitiously drops the letter penned by his master upon the desk of the newspaper editor, providing additional cover for the supposed disappearance and death.

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Monday April 8th 1889: Transforming himself into a rat, the young magician eventually finds a crack in the wall. He resolves to practice his arts in a more secretive manner in the future.

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Sunday April 7th 1889: Having been found out, the three devils extinguish their smoking tails before entering the house of the Lord this week.

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Saturday April 6th 1889: The enticing scent of the tannery strands the creature. Mr. Schroeder fears not the challenge and returns the sea troll to the waters.

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