Thursday April 18th 1889: With no shame the Coterie continues to fashion the law into an instrument of their own enrichment or rule the law extraneous as suits their gluttonous aims.

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Wednesday April 17th 1889: The bell rings, the drawer opens, and Mr. Johnston claims discovery of deus ex machina, but in truth has released a mind stealing daemon.

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Tuesday April 16th 1889: Following several unappetizing attempts, Mr. Hall combines a particular combination of herb extracts to create the perfect beverage which he will share with only one other person.

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Monday April 15th 1889: After too many days beneath the gray skies of Eureka, Mr. Chelstrand lies on the floor of his establishment and soars through his false sky.

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Sunday April 14th 1889: Having sold all the pigeons, Mr. Cook paints a sign suggesting four and twenty black birds at a special price.

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Saturday April 13th 1889: With little fanfare, Mr. Baird invites a few aeronauticalists to roll their contraptions off the edge of his new plank path above and eventually into the Bay.

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