Saturday April 13th 1889: With little fanfare, Mr. Baird invites a few aeronauticalists to roll their contraptions off the edge of his new plank path above and eventually into the Bay.

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Thursday February 28th 1889: Holding the clam up to his ear, he hears a little voice whisper, “You will never defeat us, Mister Baird. We were here long before you and we will be here long after. We will prevail.”

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Monday January 14th 1889: The stage of Baird’s Opera House rings with the sound of coins freed from their pockets and purses of Eureka’s music lovers by Hope.

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Friday May 3rd 1889: Among the crowd of disinterested children at Baird’s Opera House, one small lass understands her calling and determines to make her vocation that of thespian.

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