Thursday February 28th 1889: Holding the clam up to his ear, he hears a little voice whisper, “You will never defeat us, Mister Baird. We were here long before you and we will be here long after. We will prevail.”

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Wednesday February 27th 1889: She warned him, yet he persisted. At the waterfront she gathered up the wind. The birds landed while the trees became still. She poured the wind into his ear, changing his mind.

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Tuesday February 26th 1889: After a thorough washing, dressing in newly washed clothes, Mr. Hutchins open his front door and knows the unequaled bliss of feeling Death say, “Not yet…”

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Monday February 25th 1889: Mr. Heney’s trip to the underworld provides him with much knowledge of letters and their places. He begin to formulate plans to bring back a little Tartarus to the print shops of Eureka.

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Friday February 22nd 1889: Wrapped in bunting, the red, white, and blue reveller outside Centennial Hall asks the ghost of George Washington for the truth about the cherry tree.

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