Wednesday February 27th 1889: She warned him, yet he persisted. At the waterfront she gathered up the wind. The birds landed while the trees became still. She poured the wind into his ear, changing his mind.

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Thursday February 14th 1889: Deeply feeling her grief, the young lady’s thoughts of her fiance’s firey death cause the winds to blow, the seas to roil, and the rain in the late afternoon to turn to snow.

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Saturday February 9th 1889: Creating just enough mist to ground the steamer, the faeries offer a bargain for future fair passages. The Captain contemplates.

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Tuesday May 14th 1889: Dumbfounded, Mr. Bell listens to the rain, then says, “Mr. Burnett, tell no one you could access this box. Seeing the contents is your reward for silence.” Mr. Burnett swallows nervously and nods.

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Tuesday May 7th 1889: The unceasing rain may be a coincidence, but Mr. Connell’s unconscious eventide mumblings continue to tend toward the soggy side.

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