Thursday April 11th 1889: The fairies dance high in the sky, creating a perfect circle for all to see and follow as instruction.

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Monday March 25th 1889: He regrets leaving his slouch hat, but where he is headed the faeries will allow no clothing, not even a head covering.

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Saturday February 9th 1889: Creating just enough mist to ground the steamer, the faeries offer a bargain for future fair passages. The Captain contemplates.

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Thursday May 23rd 1889: A week and a day after joining the water faeries on a Tour of Discovery in the nearly dry puddle, he returns to stand barefoot on the ground as his upturned shoes have been removed.

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Tuesday May 21st 1889: The faieries spot her spot and determine she is the elect. She will toil no more, but roam free from Mr. Shaw beyond the fields of Iaqua.

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Wednesday May 1st 1889: His tearful mutterings of “m’aidez” are met by Powder and the faeries who place a giant hand on his shoulder and gather his tears in miniature buckets, respectively.

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