Friday March 29th 1889: The enormous albino — called Powder by friends — straddles the stump, rips it out of the ground and throws it behind him with a practiced alacrity.

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Wednesday May 22nd 1889: Powder scoops a handfull of bay sediment, squeezes out the briny water, sculpts the shape of a bird, and places the animal in a cage with the other cooing mud doves.

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Saturday May 11th 1889: Despite the height of the awning, the ever patient and gentle Powder’s head makes a dent therein as he sits with the two score guests to celebrate Miss Dickson’s birthday.

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Wednesday May 1st 1889: His tearful mutterings of “m’aidez” are met by Powder and the faeries who place a giant hand on his shoulder and gather his tears in miniature buckets, respectively.

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