Sunday March 3rd 1889: Behind the Vance block a bird alights on the page selected by a gust of wind, sees the letters f – l – y printed, and takes wing.

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Sunday February 3rd 1889: Competitors release imported rats of prodigious strength and stamina beneath Mr. Taylor’s store in hopes of undermining his business.

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Saturday February 2nd 1889: Dolly surpassed her previous record of 13 feet by 3 more to the cheers of onlookers from the windows of the Bay Hotel.

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Sunday January 20th 1889: The mythic power of the Phoenix overtakes the swift Antelope in a race of steamers though neither be named for water creatures. The otter outswims both being native to the element.

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Tuesday January 15th 1889: Elephants push, giraffes lookout, and rhinoceroses dig a path while upon the steamer Antelope all view the new schooner launching from Bendixsen’s shipyard just before noon.

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Thursday January 10th 1889: The creek on the Ricks property is filled in and flattened with pachyderm power, specifically the elephantine kind.

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