Saturday March 30th 1889: Thousands of layers of dough and butter baked golden brown by his team of raccoons are offered up by Mr. Knox in the corner alley.

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Friday March 29th 1889: The enormous albino — called Powder by friends — straddles the stump, rips it out of the ground and throws it behind him with a practiced alacrity.

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Wednesday March 27th 1889: Those with the cipher find rooms no one else can listed on the new directory displayed in the Court House.

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Tuesday March 26th 1889: While looking over Mr. Dickson’s herds, Mr. Loveren considers whether he can keep the moose, cows, sheep, goats, and camels separate.

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Monday March 25th 1889: He regrets leaving his slouch hat, but where he is headed the faeries will allow no clothing, not even a head covering.

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Sunday March 24th 1889: Carefully, oologists from throughout the county bring specimens of several combinations of color, texture, and size to Mr. Wilson’s new grocery to sell.

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